Mission Motto:

Faith is the power, Love is the Motive, Obedience is the Price, the Spirit is the Key, the Restoration is the Message, Members are the Means, Christ is the Reason, Baptism is the Way, Joy is the Reward!

Welcome to the families and friends of our wonderful missionaries. We love them so much and love you for sharing them with us for this blessed time in all of our lives! Enjoy these fun pictures. We love every aspect of being with them and watching them grow.

Friday, August 11, 2017

WATAC's Phenomenal missionaries sharing sweet impressions


Our sweet talented missionaries made this short Academy Award winning film with the help of Elder Sutton and his father's incredible skills. We can't get enough of viewing their fun, exuberant personalities again and again! And we are so touched by their heartwarming sentiments and funny comments. Mere words cannot express how much love them!!!